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With Cotactic Digital Agency Marketing that has expertise in SEO with quality procures. see results quickly Websites will rank on Search Engine longer have more quality. most importantly, it will increase your target audience. increase sales for your business If you ne a consultant Or a team of professionals in online marketing to help solve problems lay the foundation for your business. Contact Cotactic today. As you know, when we start shooting add. We also ne to know the results of what we do. Therefore, in this article, Cotactic has compil  basic Google Ads Metrics for everyone to read try to study. Google Ads is one of the most.

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Popular effective online marketing strategies today. Because it is a digital advertising purchase that will show the business website to consumers. When searching for the keyword that we set on Search Engine, the business can reach the customer Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List group immiately. Results are seen quickly, clearly, can be measur through a variety of metrics, so business owners who are just  be. Confus as to which of the many metrics they have acquir are necessary important.

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So let’s take a look at the first one! 1.Impr. (Impression) Impression is the number of times our ad is shown on the search results page. The higher this value, the more It shows that many people see the ad only. It is another important indicator. because it will allow us to know Is the add that fir to the target audience or not, how appropriate is the Aleart News keyword that we use? Currently, Google has add two more metrics relat to Impressions: Impr. abs. top A metric that shows the percentage when our ad ranks 1 on the search page. Impr. top , a metric that shows the percentage of when our ads rank first on the search page above organic search Google.

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