Steps to design your company’s digital strategy

Although it is true that the final result of marketing is to boost the sales of a business, this does not mean that all your strategies must have a purely commercial focus. A digital marketing strategy can have the following objectives: And where are the sales? Sales are the result of the strategy, not the goal. When you focus on building trust with your client, adding value, interacting with him and advising him during the purchase, the sale will be the result of the process. Remember that the objectives must be challenging, measurable and achievable. A common mistake of businesses without a strategy is to believe that they should be in all social networks and in all online channels simply “just because” or because “it’s fashionable”, but part of strategic thinking is recognizing the importance of focusing our energies and resources in those means that are most convenient for us according to our objectives.

Choose the channels

You don’t have to limit Qatar Phone Number yourself to choosing just one channel, but make sure you only choose the channels that add value to your business and your customers. Now, if you want to know which channel to start with, here are our recommendations: The center of your strategy is your own website. Many entrepreneurs and businessmen think that because they already have a profile on Facebook or Instagram, they no longer need their own website, but this is a big mistake. If you build your business strategy depending on a platform that is not yours, you run the risk of losing everything you have built at any time. Think that Facebook, Instagram or any other platform can close your profile due to many factors, so you cannot leave your business in the hands of third parties.

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Define the profile of your ideal client

With our website ready, the next thing. We need is a way to convert visitors into leads. And for this it is very helpful to use an email. Marketing platform with which you can build customer lists. Create automated sales funnels and maintain. Constant interaction with your current and potential customers. With our own website and. A lead capture system. We are ready to attract traffic to our business, and here. Social networks are a very powerful tool. Sign up for the networks that add the most. Value to your brand and start building. A community to then take those people to your website and convert. Them into leads.Video is currently one of the most important. Types of content on the internet. So you should consider. It for your business strategy. Video. helps build trust,