Surviving The Coming Great Tribulation: Apostle Series – Chapter Five

I ended Chapter Four with the assertion:

This being 11th of September – I experience it is suitable to take a look at what has been popping out about some of the most important inconsistencies involved inside the ‘Trade Towers’ fiasco and “False Flag Operations”: Well, Hang ON!

The author strongly indicates that you search out on FindArticles. Com through the writer’s name to locate the previously published articles inside the newly created phase called “Surviving The Soon Coming Great Tribulation: Apostle’s Series.” Then Afghanistan phone number you’ll be up-to-pace. Due to the period of this series, I have needed to submit my original article in sections – via Chapters – to meet the coolest article financial institution’s guidelines.

In help of my premise that if we’re to Survive The Soon Coming Great Tribulation – then we have to be inclined to DO a few matters which most doomed to destruction people will now not be willing to do or procrastinated too long before enforcing.

We want to make money rapid, convert it to gold, and warn others. This bankruptcy displays mild on a number of the whys.”

As Noah did with little fulfillment – however God has completed and continues to do these days by means of the use of His opt for selected – a deliverance vessel is continually provided to the ones “Who have ears.To pay attention.” Most of those saints did NOT WANT TO HEAR both. Yet due to the fact they chose to pay attention God voice – or The Spirit Of God when he advised them what to do _ The listeners survived and saved many different who listened to them.

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Are you listening?

Many “Pre-tribulation Rapture” believers will fall into the unhappy scenario which awaits individuals who do now not heed The Master’s warning. They will mistakenly accept as true with my family will be alright due to the fact Jesus will come and eliminate we “Saints” – His Church – from Earth before The Great Tribulation genuinely takes place. I think that we have adequately dispelled that fable within the previous Chapters – in particular in Chapters Three and Four.

Yes, Jesus IS coming soon for His church. The church that He will be coming for can have heeded His warnings to see chance and seek safe haven just like the “Real Believers” have completed and are doing while they nonetheless have the time. Most pew sitters will no longer have executed so. They will pay with their earthly lives for now not believing their Watchmen, Prophets, and Apostles that have warned them as I am doing.

A timeless Truth is contained in those phrases of a prophet,

(CEV) Isaiah 38:19 Only the residing can thanks, as I am doing nowadays. Each generation tells the subsequent about your faithfulness.

This article is obtainable within the wish which you continue to be amongst “The Living”.

As so many persist in believing the lies of the evil one, his media, The New World Order, and his ministers who say what their followers itching ears need to pay attention – in place of The Truth which could have set them loose ~ such people will take the mark of the Beast for you to not be killed.

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As The Bible – through the Apostle, John – virtually says of His revelation:

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