Take A Photo Upload And Shop Searching For Products

The three most important are Don’t forget to also use Pinterest. Which is popular in Germany, as mentioned by Julian Dziki from seokratie.de, especially if you are into fashion, design, home furnishing, fitness, nutrition and all similar optically nice fields, and create own board, and pin interesting articles and products. And if you are into storytelling , you can embellish your texts according to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey Source http www.thewritersjourney.com Maximilian Muhr SEO Battle – SEO Urgesteine ​​packen aus In the last lecture of the day, Maximilian Muhr from netspirits.

Warned Against A Trend

From America, namely negative SEO . What should you watch out for? Maximilian has some tips for you. Check yourself who refers you. what redirects lead to your page. who is copying your content. if your Google Search Console account is secure. if someone is not manipulating your tracking. did someone try to hack your page?. time to first byte to identify Azerbaijan Phone Number List possible ddos ​​attacks. what status do your log files show. duplicates in the index. URL parameter indexing in Google. News from online Special Author Petr Hlaváč Petr Hlaváč Don’t miss the special part of our Online News, in which we will introduce you to the trend of the future – visual and voice search.

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That Is Gradually Starting To Appear In Germany

We will advise you on how to use its potential in e-commerce! Speed ​​and saving time become a priority Well-known companies such as Google, eBay, Pinterest or Asos are coming to the fore, implementing elements of visual search in their applications . We all try to save time, and modern technologies that allow us to solve everything right away help Aleart News us with this.  by image is gaining momentum in e-commerce. That ‘s why eBay created an artificial intelligence focused on this trend . Just take a photo of a product you like on the street and upload it to the e-shop application. And Asos was not left behind either. Visual search has not only hit the fashion area Did a piece of furniture interest you somewhere.

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