The Influence of Technical Factors

As you might expect, technical factors of the website also play a major role in Bing’s ranking, just like Google does. However, there are also a few differences between the two search engines. Everything from site speed to a keyword’s position in the title can affect rankings. We walk through the main differences in the technical field.

Understanding the content of the page

While Google is increasingly able to understand a page, Bing relies much more on simpler techniques to see what a page is about, such as keywords in page titles, meta tags and specific keywords. For example, Google is a lot further in indexing synonyms of words.

Reading a page

Where Google takes the time and space to fully crawl the content, images, etc. on a page, Bing currently often only crawls the first 100kb of a page. In the early stages of the Googlebot, Google did exactly the same. As the CMO Email Lists Googlebot has evolved, the size of a page and its crawling has not become a problem anymore. However, Bing isn’t quite there yet, with only 100kb views per page.

CMO Email Lists

However, it is not clear whether these 100kb also include images and other media or only text. It is therefore important to place important text at the top of the page to make the page easily indexable within Bing.

It is smart to place important text at the top of the page to make the page indexable within Bing.

301- & 302-redirect

301 and 302 redirects are also treated differently by Bing than by Google. Where Google is quite flexible when using a 301 or 302 redirect, Bing is a lot stricter about this. The reason Bing is doing this is because they see that many website owners are using the 302 redirect incorrectly. Bing has openly admitted that they index pages that use 302 redirects less often. Later on, Bing indicated that if they find more than five 302 redirects on a page, they assume it was misplaced. In that case, the 302 redirects are treated as a 301 redirect and thus a value is passed. Do you want to optimize your page for Bing? Always use a 301 redirect instead of a 302 redirect where possible.

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6 tools and resources that will make your Bing life a little easier

Like Google, Bing also provides several free tools and guides to optimize your website for their search engine. In order to achieve the optimum return, it is therefore important that we also use these. I will explain the most important tools and resources below.