The ‘That’s-Not-All’ Technique Had Its

The ‘That’s-Not-All’ technique had its heyday when Tel Sell was still flourishing on many TV screens. This technique tries to convince the prospect with one last push at the end of the sales pitch. They do this by promising a free extra after the main offer if the viewer immediately grabs the phone and orders immediately. This simple technique led to more than doubling sales .

Now that Tel Sell has become a shadow of the past,

The psychological effect of this technique is ready for a second life. It lends itself perfectly as a conversion booster at the bottom of a long page website (“And that’s not all! If you purchase our Cloud service now, you get 2GB for free!”).

But the average webshop is also ready for a touch of Tel Sell magic. After all, there is almost always a bonus product conceivable that can be deducted from General Manager Email List the total price (“And that’s not all. If you order this printer now, you will receive 1000 sheets of A4 paper for free”).

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I do expect, however, that in the online era, customers will see through the abuse of these types of offers more quickly. While Tel Sell handled the concept of ‘temporary action’ fairly boldly, you are less likely to get away with this in a transparent online environment. It is important that the action is really temporary.

Long Copy

Do you remember this one? Those endless pages about a magical panacea that could cure almost any disease. But instead of them just mentioning at the top of the page which remedy that is, you first had to wrestle through a bible of experiences, assurances, objection-handling and other tactics.

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The reason? The more you read, the more you invest, the harder it is to leave the page and the harder it is to leave the product. There is a direct linear relationship between the time someone spends on your advertisements and sales.