The 10 most powerful colors in the world of advertising

There are serious studies that have shown that each color is capable of intervening in the psyche of people when making a purchase, 85% of consumers are powerfully guided by color when deciding whether or not to purchase a product. That is why every advertising campaign Benin Phone Number List is strategically developed to seek to impact the target market through the most striking colors depending on sex, age, socioeconomic level or even geographical area, among other indicators.

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Different market investigations have been able to verify that color is capable of significantly affecting people’s purchasing habits. Thus, for example, impulsive people are guided by the color red, blue or black, while consumers who plan their expenses are guided by pink and light colors.

What are the colors that most influence advertising? To know what color works in your campaign or business, you must establish strategies, objectives, purposes and develop concepts according to your market. Visual identity is one of the most important factors to be successful.

Here we present the 10 colors that attract the most in advertising:

1.- Red

It is a color that represents power, attraction and manages to keep the consumer’s attention. It is a sensual and seductive color, it is the most used in marketing. It is used in consumer products such as beverages and fast food restaurants.

  1. Blue

It is a color that transmits calm, confidence and relaxes. It is identified by being the color of the sky and the water, that makes it more familiar. In dark tones it represents elegance and success, and in light tones freshness and youth. It is used in technological or personal hygiene products.

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3.- Green

It is a color that refers to nature and transmits ecological values. It is a color that is used for health care and good intentions Phone Number List. It is versatile, pleasant and cool. It is a color that generally always works without error.

4.- Yellow

It is a risky, striking and bright color. It easily captures the attention of the children’s market, more in boys than girls, but transmits happiness and a lot of light. It is a color that stands out from the crowd.
5.- Orange

Color that is considered as energetic, it is used for the promotion of sports products, energy drinks and vitamins. It is a color that always motivates innovation and youth. A problem with this color is that classic companies use it to give incorrect impressions, sometimes losing credibility.

6.- Purple

Image via ibelieveinadv
It is the color considered as royalty, mystery and spirituality. It is a feminine color, elegant and at the same time cold and warm. It is used to promote fantasy products that inspire improvement.

7.- Pink

It is a color related to childhood, the feminine and innocence. It mainly attracts girls and girls as it is a bright, cheerful and lively color. It is a color that is used in women to attract men, used by both in recent years.
It is generally used in brands of toys, makeup and detergents.

8.- Brown

It is the color that represents the earth and wood. It conveys simplicity and warmth. It is considered by many as the least striking color, but many brands use it in packaging for coffee, food, organic products or fine chocolates.

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9.- White

Image via Creative Creature
Universal color that symbolizes peace and purity, it is usually used in backgrounds or in negative spaces of the design. In the published one, it is generally seen in minimalist campaigns or totally new products.

10.- Black
It is considered as an elegant and simple color. It is the most versatile of all and combines with everything. It is used by both traditional and modern companies. It conveys drama and fear. It is generally seen in fashion campaigns.