The 10 skills that every successful entrepreneur should have

Are you clear about the skills that an entrepreneur needs to develop to be successful? Some of them may already be in your DNA but don’t worry, because the skills and habits of success can be cultivated day by day.

If perhaps you thought that working 24 hours is a skill, I must tell you that it is not and in fact it is a very common mistake to think that the more you work, the more entrepreneurial you will be.

Being an entrepreneur is not a certain science, rest times and good planning are essential to get your 瑞典电话号码表 business off the ground.
The key is to achieve balance, work with passion and get a motivated team on your project.

I have been an entrepreneur for years, with my own project, working hard and I can tell you that attitude is essential to carry out any task. Entrepreneurship skills can be practiced, improved and built.

The 10 skills that every entrepreneur should have
➡️ Know how to make decisions for your project
➡️ Assertiveness: the ability to say NO
➡️ Learning: taking time to learn
➡️ Strategic thinking
➡️ Take on the failures
➡️ Lead and motivate
➡️ The creativity
➡️ Analytics
➡️ Business ability: Profitability of your company
➡️ The ability to sell
The 10 skills that every entrepreneur should have

➡️ Know how to make decisions for your project
It is not just about making decisions, it is having the ability to assume the consequences, positive or negative, of the decisions you will make throughout the life of your business. Even if you decide not to make any decisions and keep quiet, you are also deciding.

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And it is that if there is something in your business that does not work, a collaborator, supplier, or even a tool, you must stop, manage it in the appropriate way and make the decision.

Of course, do not make hot decisions, nor do you shy away from decisions that you know will make you feel uncomfortable. Just face it.

➡️ Assertiveness: the ability to say NO
Assertiveness is the ability to say no. Not a proposal, a collaboration or even a new project. It is one of the skills that has cost me the most, but it is necessary to focus on the really productive, profitable and happy ones.

When you start with a project it is normal to work with any client and project, hardly a filter is made 警报消息 since the objective is to start. And that’s fine, but you also have to know when it’s time to change no for yes.

Having a well-defined mission, vision and values will help you know how to choose well what benefits you and what doesn’t. For example, those customers or suppliers who do not align with you.

If you are one of what you feel rushed or even bad when you have to give a negative for an answer, I propose a technique.

The sandwich technique consists of injecting your negative answer between a positive one: positive, negative and positive argument. I give you an example:

Positive argument: I love your project and I know that this is only the beginning of everything that will come
Negative argument: However, I’m sorry to tell you that now I can’t help you because of the workload I have
Positive argument: But, I am going to give you the contact of a colleague with whom you will surely be able to work
If you want to know more, in the following video I will tell you in detail how to apply it in your business:

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Assertiveness should be part of your main skills. And from experience I share with you that it is one of the most complicated, especially since we always have a halo of subjectivity in which we think that the other interlocutor will feel rejected.

➡️ Learning: taking time to learn
The online world evolves so fast that if you don’t invest your greatest resource in learning, you will soon be out of date. Not only you, but also your team. In my case, I try to empower all the people who work with me, offering them new courses and implementing training sessions.

Online courses, talks, a video on YouTube or a great book in your hands, are the best weapons of continuing education. You must spend time learning and recycling your knowledge .

Books are a great source of learning, every day I spend 15 minutes, with no excuses for it. Do not focus only on books whose subject is related to your work, personal ones are also inspiring.

This is my collection of the 10 books that I would recommend to any entrepreneur:

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