The 3 keys to the success of advertising campaigns

Carrying out advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Ads requires increasing knowledge of the tool and its purpose. Although it is true that we can never master details such as the algorithm or the bid, I can share with you three keys on which the success of our ads is based.

In this article we take a quick tour of them. Remember that Facebook and Instagram Ads are machinery, if a piece fails, it stops working.


  1. The sales system
  2. Segmentation
  3. The announcement
    What mistakes do we make when creating ads on Facebook and Instagram?
  4. The sales system
    The ads always respond to an advertising strategy that in turn is included in a marketing system 阿尔巴尼亚电话号码表 or sales funnel. It is not about creating random campaigns, but defining the sales strategy and from there determine the advertising strategy, we will make decisions in relation to:

Advertising objectives
Number of campaigns
How campaigns interact with each other
The big mistake is thinking that you can create a disjointed campaign leading to the sale of a product. Not at all, sales funnels allow the user to be taken from point A to point B being the route, and advertising is the fuel for this journey.

  1. Segmentation
    If after your great sales system, you are giving the conversion message to the uninterested person, there will be no sale. Think about it, the advertising platform provides us with infinite segmentation options and it does so because it knows the importance. It is no longer useful to include interests, you have to segment with strategy and one of the most effective tactics is remarketing .
  2. The announcement
    The user, after all your great work and strategy, the first and only thing they see is an ad on their Instagram or Facebook feed. And your mind makes two decisions: either skip the ad or stop. If this happens, our ad has achieved the so-called stop effect.
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And only, the message that we transmit connects with your needs, then we will take you to action. It is the last link in the advertising chain, but if it fails, the rest of the gear stops.

Currently, it is no longer enough to create a persuasive text , but the visual design must be different and attractive. Did you know that we process an image 60,000 times faster than text? We are made to respond to visual stimuli.

What mistakes do we make when creating ads on Facebook and Instagram?
Low-quality images and unattractive or overdone design: images are key to attracting attention so if they don’t look good, it will hurt your brand. The design should be attractive and simple, not too ornate.
Little consistency between ads without following the corporate image: all ads must follow the style line to be consistent with our brand and what we want to convey.
Spelling mistakes. Check your texts before publishing them, for example with the Lora Editor application: before publishing, check or ask a person on your team to read it several times, spelling mistakes give a very bad image.
Unfriendly text (texts in capital letters, paragraphs, lack of emojis …) : the texts must be friendly 警报消息 and easy to read, if you reload it a lot or go to rhetoric, you will see how the reader cannot get the message.
Absence of persuasion techniques (not awakening curiosity, not activating urgency, among others): we must awaken the user’s curiosity so that they are interested in our products and / or services, which is why using these techniques can help us.
The worst mistake we can make: not knowing your ideal client. That is, speaking in generic terms for everyone without segmenting our messages: before starting your advertising campaigns, you must know your target audience, who you are targeting, what their interests are, what they like, what their fears are, your wishes … knowing you will help us to achieve great results in our campaigns.
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copy for Facebook ads

If you’ve been wanting more, listen to this episode of my Conecta Marketing Online podcast in which I tell you all about the success of the campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Ads. Hit Play!

Creating advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram seems to be complicated and more with the recent changes of iOS 14, but stick with what you can master and that will always depend on you: the strategy, the design and the words.

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