The 40 most powerful calls to action for your website

Convincing your audience to take the action you want is not an easy task. Therefore, we are going to propose the 40 most powerful calls to action for your web buttons

It is our goal to attract the user to convert. We have that power: attract the user with copy writing, or  西班牙电话号码表 what is the same with persuasive texts that make our ideal client perform the action we expect on our website or landing page.

What is a CTA or Call to Action?
Imperative verbs denoting order
Use the questions
Create a sense of urgency
Use action
Use the magic word: I WANT
Put exclamations into practice!
Exclusivity we all like

What is a CTA or Call to Action?
A Call to Action or CTA (also called a call to action) is a button located on our website that seeks to attract potential customers and convert them into final customers, usually through a form on a landing page or landing page.
In other words, we can say that CTAs are powerful calls to action that have a goal to take the user to the next step in our sales funnel. Sometimes, creativity may fail us so we use the same words.

Ask yourself this question: If you had the customer in front of you, what would you say? 80% of conversions come through an attractive CTA . Hence the importance of testing them, conducting tests and choosing the one that works best.

In this article, I give you 40 most powerful calls to action for your web buttons . Suggestions that you can put into practice from today in your project.

The 40 most powerful calls to action for your web buttons Imperative verbs denoting order
The verbs that denote order are key since they urge the user to perform a specific action, in a determined way and without detours.

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Register for free : we want the user to leave us their contact information. The word free works very well.Try a free month: let the user try your service or product, it is the best 警报消息 way to convert them into a customer.Download your eBook for free : downloading a free resource is synonymous with success on your lead magnet. Buy the course now: immediacy is something that works very well. Make the user make the purchase immediately.
Contact us: have the user contact you, leave a message and ask you about your services.
Subscribe: one way to make users leave their contact information is by taking them to the subscription, either for a newsletter, a bulletin or similar.
Get started now: if you have information products related to training, it is a good CTA that can help them buy the course and take action.
Use the questions
Questions are ideal to make the user reflect and arouse the interest of the person on the other side of the screen.

Am I paying more than I should ?: It is a question that works very well since you make the user think about the cost of the services they are paying for.
Do you want to start now ?: a way to trigger the user to purchase your product or service.
What are you waiting for to try it ?: Consumers like to test and try new things.
You want to know more? : a way to generate interest and arouse curiosity.

Create a sense of urgency
Urgency is a very useful technique for the CTAs of your web buttons, since the user feels the rush and the need to perform the action quickly.

Last hours to get it: time limit to purchase the product or service.
Available for a limited time: again, time limit to purchase the product service.
Subscribe now: the urgency of the subscription, an effective way to obtain the data.
3 days left: countdown and countdown. It denotes that the offer is going to end soon and makes the user purchase the product or service.
Ends tomorrow: the offer we offer has a very close expiration date.
Last chance to get it: it is the last chance the user has to purchase the product or service, this makes them rush to buy it.

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Use action
There are no better CTAs than those that invite us to take concrete actions.

Learn with us: the user seeks to train and feel accompanied.
Try it, don’t miss it !: the test again, the testing. He likes to try new things and then choose whether to buy it or not.
Save: encourage the user to save money out of pocket with your product or service.
Reservation: a clear button, without detours to reserve for example your place in a training program.
Join now: join a community and immediately.
Get your course: the verb to get works so that we feel like it has been our challenge and we have acquired it.
Get a discount: it is very practical and recommended for the offers that we have in force either in the infoproduct or online store.

Use the magic word: I WANT
Without a doubt, a word that usually works great in the online world. All users want something.

I want to know more: it arouses curiosity.
I want it: with the verb want, the user wants to take a course, for example, he has no doubts.
I want to start now: you want to start saving, learning, training. But now, not later.
I want to have it now: again, the immediacy of now of wanting to have the product or service now.
I want to learn now: to encourage you to train immediately.
I want to go to the course: to take it to the course page or the purchase landing.

Put exclamations into practice!
They are very useful to express through online channels in which we cannot perceive the tone of the words, but do not abuse them:

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I want to sign up now !: exclamations in front of and behind the phrases in the CTAs to lead the user to carry out this action.
Join !: Again, we like to be part of a group, a community, if we accompany it with exclamations the user is tempted to do so.
Receive it right now! : for example to receive a free trial at home. Again, the immediacy and the exclamations.
Don’t pay until September! Consumers like to be given flexibility and ease of payment.
Get inspired! : we seek content to inspire and learn. So it can be a good CTA to encourage them to consume your content.
Let’s go !: optimism and action, perfect combination.

The 40 most powerful calls to action for your web buttonsExclusivity we all like
We all like to feel unique and to be treated exclusively. Therefore, your CTAs can denote that exclusivity that we all seek.

Subscribers only !: it will be unique content for people who are subscribed to the service. A way to give them an advantage over the rest.
Exclusive for you !: exclusivity for the consumer. Tell you that the product is exclusive for you to purchase.
Exclusive offer! : web button to show the offer that will be available for a limited time and that will be exclusive to a group of people.
Ends in 24 hours: again a time limit, in this case in hours for the end of the offer or for example access to a masterclass.

These are some of the CTA tips you can put into practice in your business: 40 super powerful calls to action for your web buttons.

And you, are you one of those who investigates and sets them off? If you know any more and want to share with us those that have worked for you, we will read you in the comments.

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