The Academy of the Oscars will allocate 5.5 million dollars to its marketing strategy

The Oscars are just around the corner. On February 22, the most glamorous ceremony of the year returns, where the best of the mecca of cinema will be concentrated, and the luxury of the fashion industry. An event of international relevance, which no one wants to miss, and where any star, brand, or just aspiring celebrity would dream of getting their minute of glory. Therefore, social networks cannot miss this appointment with the image and splendor of the seventh art. Looking back, we all remember the image of the moment, lived just in the previous edition Honduras Mobile Database. This is the selfie taken by Ellen DeGeneres, which in a few minutes became the most tweeted image of the moment. A significance from which Samsung, manufacturer of the device that “casually” immortalized the scene, greatly benefited, thereby taking the lead from the Academy, organizer and host of the event.

This action also had a positive impact on the image of the actress in charge of taking the snapshot, whose followers on Twitter increased 47 times more than on a normal day, from 25.3 million to 26.4. On this occasion, the academy does not intend to miss the opportunity to raise its know-how to the maximum exponential in order to generate expectation about the ceremony and that the brand benefits from all the interest created around the actors, the films and the mecca of cinema. Thus, this year, the Academy will invest 5.5 million dollars to develop and execute a marketing and Social Media plan.

This investment will be distributed among the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), as well as on various pay television channels. In addition to making the Academy and the ceremony shine in all its splendor, another challenge they face on the 22nd is to snatch screen share from television programming Brother Cell Phone List. The Oscars will coincide in time slot with none other than Walking Dead. 2014 audience was 43 million people; the most watched ceremony since 2004, the year in which “The Lord of the Rings” was nominated for the best film. Will this year be able to exceed this figure?

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