The avoidable mistakes companies make in their marketing strategy

The relationship with customers is one of the fundamental points in the strategy of companies. How they are addressed can be one of the elements that decides in their favor or against when closing a purchase decision or for them to keep their services or those of their competitors. Therefore, being very careful and being very efficient when dealing with them is a key element to be able to succeed and to be able to convince consumers that they are the best. Marketing is the key to doing it. For decades and even centuries, companies have used different stratagems to reach the heart of the consumer and to convince them that they are the best. A good marketing strategy and a good campaign in this field are key to consolidating the company’s presence in the field of consumption. But what happens when something goes wrong? The importance of marketing in the survival of the company is crucial and efforts in this area are vital to publicize products, brands and services Ecuador Mobile Database. Companies therefore allocate high budgets to try to seduce consumers but, despite the importance of this area and what is at stake, they are not always able to avoid making some mistakes.

The marketing mistakes of large companies are colorful and varied and touch different grounds. At Inc , they have listed some of the common mistakes companies make when they make unexpected offers to consumers. That is, they have selected the recurring failures in all those cold-door communications that consumers receive in which they try to sell them products that they had never claimed (and which are therefore much more likely to be viewed with bad eyes). The errors they list can be summed up in a single reality: companies do not really know the consumer they are trying to fall in love with and therefore make mistakes when addressing them. Thus, there is the fact of speaking directly to the consumer, but without knowing what exactly they want; The not understand what their role really, what is terrible when doing B2B marketing and is addressing the person is not appropriate within the company; getting the wrong name , trying to follow the idea that personalizing is always more effective but without having done enough research; or not bringing homework done , offering products or services that are not interesting. They are not the only failures.

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They are also not personalizing the messages , sending the same message to everyone and in all types of conversation; the bear certain things in advance , leading to send invitations or elements that are not successful; the use the wrong channels , such as scorch the potential consumer with Twitter or LinkedIn messages, or not be truly transparent , promising things that are not real or true deception behind them. Other failures The failures of the large companies that are listed in Inc are quite avoidable and can be solved with a better work prior to preparing the communication campaign. B2B firms are the ones that usually commit these mistakes Brother Cell Phone List, although in reality they are not the only companies that fail when it comes to reaching their potential consumers. Marketing failures are more common than it should be, consumer businesses included. The latter also fall into some of these traps, such as using the wrong channels or not personalizing messages, although in their case the list of errors and deadly sins goes a bit further. Any consumer would be able to make a long list of where companies fail when they want to convince them to become their customers. One of the main failures is to be simply a heavy : brands seem to believe that by harassing their consumers for hours they will clearly become fans of their products and therefore buyers of them.

The clearest example of this point is the telecommunications companies, who call and call their potential customers day after day offering offers and more offers of products that consumers end up hating. It’s not the only one. Companies should not get carried away by clichés either , especially now that the information about what consumers are like and what they are interested in is so high. In the era of big data, in the era of profiles that know in detail what shoppers are like thanks to social networks, it makes no sense to get carried away by generalized beliefs when trying to convince consumers to get hold of their products. This point suggests that companies are not using technology with all the power they could. This is quite a serious mistake, since the new solutions allow us to be much more efficient and more successful when it comes to sharing advertising messages. And, in short, companies do not plan and do not establish clear objectives when determining what they are going to do and what they are going to achieve with them, since good planning and a list of clearly established objectives help to avoid the most of these errors.

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