The best Documentaries on Marketing and Advertising in Spanish that you should know

During the last years, documentaries on Marketing, Advertising and brands or on trends and consumer behavior, have proliferated with great success not only on traditional televisions or TV networks. The rise of online videos has made it easier for such content to be accessible and distributed through the internet with great acceptance and great general interest. Tackling multiple and varied topics or disciplines in the world of Marketing and Advertising Belize Mobile Database , this type of documentary has gone from being a content aimed at an exclusively professional audience or audience, to becoming a content also demanded by consumers themselves and curious about knowledge.

Why did we buy what we bought? , Communication and subliminal messages , Seduce the consumer: neuromarketing , The Power of Social Networks, “Great Brands of Spain ” or Persuasion, Manipulation and Power of Advertising , are some of the titles given to some of these popular documentaries. Others like the now famous documentary ”

Buy, Throw, Buy: Scheduled Obsolescence” directed by Colima Dannoritzer, thanks to their excellent production, storyline and global success, received an extensive list of awards and nominations. For this reason, we wanted to dive and select among hundreds of audiovisual content, some of the best documentaries in Spanish on Marketing and Advertising Brother Cell Phone List. An open selection of highly recommended content that you can enjoy thanks to its excellent quality and the information they offer us. Do not miss them!

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