The Best Water Parks in Europe

What’s the best recipe for the summer, if not visiting a water park during the holidays and spending a few hours (or days) with the family in this space of pure fun? In Europe, it is quite common during school holidays for families to go to a water park or even visit while on vacation in another country. Water parks end up being a great alternative for families as they provide comfort and practicality, offering attractions for children in the same place, as well as safety and entertainment. But what are the best water parks in Europe for you to visit? We are going to bring you a list of some of the most popular places for tourists during the summer and who knows.

Water Parks in Europe

Maybe you also take a vacation to visit with your family? Water Parks in Europe Fasouri Watermania, Cyprus – an island not as famous as the Greek islands, Cyprus has one of the most fun water parks in the world! With more than 100 square meters and located near the Northeast Mobile Phone Number List city of Paphos, the park stands out for its gigantic wave pool, the black hole and the super inclined slides. In addition, for those who like excitement, there is a river in the park with rapids and even a salon where you can have a massage. Aquarioz, France – yet another fantastic water park, this one is located in France and is a darling among the French.

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There Are Dragon Statues All Over

In addition to the lovely pools, the park has been protected so that the visitor has the feeling of being in a jungle! With several rock formations and a river that runs slowly and jets of water to relax, there are also climbing Aleart News walls in the park and plenty of entertainment for children. Adults pay 8 euros and children 6 euros. Tropical Islands, Germany – the resort of Bradenburg, located half an hour from Berlin, is reminiscent of a rainforest! With huts and canoes, there is a lagoon, a beach and boats, as well as a giant slide measuring over 28 meters. In another area of ​​the park, it is also possible to see turtles, macaws and flamingos (all this at an extra cost of 8 euros.

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