The change was excruciating

As all solutions to difficult problems usually are.  I will never forget the observation of a gallerist owner of a central Athenian gallery in the s to a well known photographer who had just finished an exhibition Next time I would like the same ones in color. I do not think it unlikely that in a few years we will hear the exact opposite. When black and white may be considered a modern innovation. But if the photographer is faced only with himself then he can choose one of the two solutions below or even a combination of both. The first is his single decision for the entire work or for individual subjects to adopt either black and white or color.

I never bought a single piece of color film

And this without any forced connection to the Clipping Path Service subject but possibly because of inexplicable obsessions which have contributed much to art especially when they remain unexplained. The other solution is to judge each photo of him through its own identity and personality and decide if. It works better with one version or the other. . But let me also venture to turn to my own experiences. From when I started getting more serious about photography until. A few years ago when I switched from analog to digital cameras. I never bought a single piece of color film.

Clipping Path

As a result of course a rapid

I admired took black and white photography which Aleart News makes sense since it dominated nine tenths of the time of photographic history and that commercial photography with which I had no eclectic affinity had those years occupied by color to somehow justify my one side  ness. My first digital attempts were simultaneously my first syllabification in color. But at the same time refreshing. And many of my friends and students experienced something similar.

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