The colors of the year and what they say about how consumers have evolved

Every year, in the final stretch to the end of it, Pantone makes an advertisement that manages to capture the attention of a very wide range of recipients. From decoration magazines to fashion magazines to business publications, everyone is watching the big launch: Pantone reveals the name of the color of the year and, with it, tells everyone what is the color that will mark the palette during the next exercise. The fashion magazines are launched to do still lifes with the tonality, the decoration ones to study how to include it in the different spaces and the business ones to how the color of the year will drive business. Because, although it may seem like an element of curiosity, the truth is that the color of the year is more than important in the business world Egypt Mobile Database. Every time Pantone names a color of the year, the interest in that hue soars and the presence in products, the internet or content becomes almost inevitable. Consumers go crazy with the hue, which tends to star in spikes in internet searches and which becomes the flagship color of many products. The different colors that have been starring in Pantone’s decisions in recent years have shown this.

In fact, the choice of the color of the year has little to do with minor issues, such as simply that a hue is more or less beautiful, and it has a significant weight behind business. Behind the colors of the year, there are endless economic issues . The 2008 color, for example, was chosen because it was positive and anti-crisis and therefore would encourage consumption at a time when everyone seemed to be thinking a lot about whether or not to buy new things. What is the color of the year this year? For the first time, Pantone has not chosen one color of the year, but has chosen two. The chosen ones are rose quartz and serenity , one is a range of pink and the other blue.

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“Together they demonstrate the inherent balance between the warm embrace of the pink tone and the calmer blue, reflecting a connection and well-being, as well as a sense of order and peace,” they explain in the presentation of the colors, also pointing out that uniting them both breaks with the traditional questions about color associations. And that’s where this year’s colors (which are much more popularly known as baby pink and baby blue ) have meaning beyond color. As explained on the Pantone website, fashion has evolved in recent years towards a scenario in which gender clichés matter less and less, while the world was changing. What Color Says About Equality “The comfort of the growing consumer to use color as a form of expression, a generation that is less concerned about being crossed out or judged and an exchange of digital information has opened our eyes to different approaches to the use of color”, they point out in their Web. That is, the colors of the year are a key to ending that of pink is for girls and blue is for boys.

This makes the colors of the year, in reality, and as they remember from Quartz , a nod to gender equality. The decision is therefore more than interesting and shows a state of things in which brands have a lot to do and what to say Brother Cell Phone List. “The complexity of the logic behind the color of the year is much greater than fashion or interior design, it is a forecast, a reflection of what is happening in the world,” Ron Potesky, senior vice president of Pantone , explains to AdAge . “These colors can be seen together as two sides of the same coin, they have been seen in many places together,” he adds. Firms such as Sephora or Kitchen Aid have already announced that they will launch products with the colors of the year, which all suggest that they will soon be in almost all stores. However, brands should not be left with that alone and should take advantage of the launch to reflect on what the selection criteria used this year shows about consumers. The meaning of the two colors of the year is much more revolutionary in consumer habits than simply the impact it will have between now and next December.

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