The English Or German Speaking Population Is Welcome

Alexa Amazon – only speaks English and German Viv Samsung . . The glitz and glam of voice search The main reasons for the popularity of voice search + Naturalness. + Freedom , i.e. the ability to search anytime and anywhere. + Connecting voice assistants to third-party services. Via Amazon Alexa, you can already order a ride via Uber or a pizza from the Domino’s pizzeria chain using your voice. These devices are getting smarter and quickly integrate transaction services of other third parties, such as Pandora, OpenTable, Spotify, WhatsApp, Ticketmaster, etc. On the contrary, the main disadvantages of voice search include – Language limitations.

For The Average Czech

Language is a rather limiting condition. – Changing the way of asking a question. Voice search significantly changes the traditional ways of searching for information. The questions have a different structure, length and logic see below . This can understandably cause difficulties for some individuals. Especially the older ones. – Limited capabilities Bahrain Phone Number List and features of current voice assistants. None of the voice assistants are currently at such a technological level to be a full-fledged replacement for manual search, let alone a live person. Although the devices have advanced a great deal in the last few years, it is still not possible to have a dialogue with them, and moreover.

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The Impossibility Of Searching In One’s Native

They do not maintain the topic of the previous communication. In the case of an unsuccessful answer, it is therefore necessary to enter the entire refined question again and again. And nobody cares. – Volume. I can’t imagine the mass use of voice assistants in many places. And it doesn’t have to be a theater, a cinema, a library or a cemetery. But also a Aleart News tram, open space, concert hall, stadium, etc. – One-time response. It’s okay if Google spits out an answer and someone interrupts you. You will return to the information simply a moment later again. It is often not so simple with a voice response. You will usually have to ask the question again. 

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