The fate of the Museum of Photography

That is why the State must strengthen initiatives that support the production of work and that are an incentive for the birth of new photographs. Photographers need such targets. Fourthly that the work needs an audience and it is sad that the audience of artistic photography consists of the circle of creators and their friends. The State must strengthen the efforts that will combine exhibitions publications and education. Indirect or direct. Funded persons should present specific evidence proving the implementation of the project for which they received funding.

Antoniadis while the Photographic Society

The priority of subsidies should be given first to Photo Background Removing educational initiatives invitations of theoreticians and photographers for seminars in Greece or abroad organization of workshops combination of exhibition and educational activities etc. On beh Grigoris Vlassas but it presents itself much more as a body with collective leadership and guidance. In Thessaloniki the main presence was that of Photographic Coincidence and its initiator Ari Georgiou.

Photo Background Removing

The State must strengthen them

The content of its activities remain a mystery and let’s hope Aleart News that it finds its way and its direction as soon as possible. The State must strengthen them because this is mainly how photography spreads. Versions remain. Finally and above all the State either through the Ministry of Culture or through the Ministry of Education or with the help of the Local Government must understand that photography as easy accessible and modern medium is an ideal tool for familiarizing students and adults with artistic creation. And to use it.

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