The history of Solar do Rosário in Curitiba

Three years later, one of the most welcoming and well-restored cultural spaces in the city would appear in the “old house”, in the heart of the historic center of Curitiba. The opening of the house on May 19, 1992 was quite a party , after a long and careful renovation of 3 years – after all, the house had already completed a century of existence! In the late 1800s , at the height of the yerba mate cycle and the arrival of immigrants from all over the world, the owner of a ceramics industry, Mr. city, between the two Catholic churches that operated in the village (the Order and the Rosário) and two blocks from the first church of the Lutheran community that was located on Rua América, currently Dr. Trajano Reis.

He Ended Up Renting the Property

At that time the masses and celebrations of the Matrix took place in. The Church of the Order as the Church of. Right next to the Taiwan Phone Number List house, is the Church of Rosário dos Pretos de São Benedito (see old photo from that time – image 1). Both the works on the matrix and on the Lutheran church ended in 1893 (see image of the first church, demolished – image 2). (Image 1) (Image 2) Well. Seu Ignacio’s family moved to the manor at about that time and the people started to call the house “ Solar de Sinhá França.

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The Goethe Institute of Paraná

For decades several processions passed by, such as the one recorded in another of the few old images, this one from 1918, the year of the “Spanish flu” epidemic (image 3). (Image 3) The França family left the property shortly after Aleart News the death of Seu Ignacio, which took place on April 29, 1919 . The house was acquired a long time later by. The lawyer and politician from Paraná. Newton Carneiro , brother of historian Davi Carneiro (the latter 10 years older and heir to his father’s name, who was an herbalist and colonel). Newton even conceived of an inn on the site, designed by the architect Cyro Correa de Oliveira Lyra, found in the Casa da Memória in Curitiba.

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