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If you haven’t seen this horror classic yet, don’t miss this Halloween opportunity! The Sixth Sense Bruce Willis earned US$ million for The Sixth Sense , making him the highest-paid actor of his time in the Guinness Book of Records. No wonder, he really gave an authentic performance in the movie. If you’re not the type that likes horror movies full of blood and screams, give The Sixth Sense a chance.  two main characters, the top psychologist Malcolm Crow Bruce Willis and his eight-year-old patient Cole Sear. Malcolm finds himself close to death due to an incident with his former patient and subsequently tries to help little.

Col Understand Why Ghosts Visit Him

I don’t want to tell you more. Watch the film on Souls and try to perceive the human breath of dead souls in the background or the color red during the presence of spirits… The Labyrinth of the Faun El Laberinto del Fauno The Faun’s Labyrinth is a fairy tale, but don’t even think of playing it as a bedtime story for children . Interestingly, it takes Albania Phone Number List place in the past in , blending fiction with reality . Director Guillermo del Toro even gave up his claim to the royalties and reshoots of Narnia in order to create his dream horror film. The fact that it paid off is also evidenced by the success in the form of Goya awards.

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How To Prevent These Unpleasant Experiences

The director also placed his own experiences in Faun’s Labyrinth, as he grew up in a region affected by the war. He even said that he actually saw a faun as a small boy. The plot of Faun’s Labyrinth takes you to the times of the Spanish Republican Aleart News Rebellion and the strange family of a Francoist officer. You will find yourself in the life of a twelve-year-old girl, Ophelia, who leaves with her pregnant mother to live with her cold stepfather. Once Ophelia meets a mysterious faun with a goat’s face and a body covered in moss in an ancient labyrinth, the world of reality begins to intertwine in a crazy way with this inexplicably disgusting children’s story about saving the kingdom.

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