The “Micro Moments” that any mobile and online marketing strategy should take into account

Today, our clients live part of their daily experiences through the smartphone. These are moments that serve to check what time we have an appointment with the doctor or to share a photograph of a concert in which we are on our Facebook profile. Google has baptized these moments of mobile experience as Micro Moments (Micro Moments). 91% of people consult their mobile phone in the middle of work or a task they are carrying out . This is motivated by an instant need to fix a problem. The micro moments last a few seconds, but they are lived with intensity, since they arise from an immediate need and generated by a strong feeling of need Algeria Mobile Database. For example, a micro-moment is when we want to cook a French omelette and when we go to look for the eggs, in the fridge we discover that we also have a pot of spinach and we decide to check on the smartphone how we can make a spinach omelette.

Or when we check what time it is, since we are in the middle of an exam and we want to control the time we have. We also have to take into account that these small moments can affect people’s final purchase. According to a Google / Ipsos study, entitled “Consumers in the Micro-Moments”, 82% of shoppers check their phones while in a store to see what product they are going to buy. And 1 in 10 ends up deciding on something different from what they originally wanted to take with them. Another factor that tells us that these moments are important in our online marketing strategy! We must take care of our content, because 69% among online consumers agree that the quality and relevance of the message they receive from brands affects their final decision when it comes to consuming.

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These types of moments, which require an instant response, Google classifies according to these 4 criteria: What I want to know, Where I want to go, What I want to do or What I want to buy . Any current online marketing strategy must take into account these occasions, since they can be opportunities to receive a Like or to consult a content of high interest that our company has generated – email marketing or content advertising Brother Cell Phone List. Although we must not forget that an important action within our strategy is to ensure that the customer experience is excellent, so that our former clients become our brand ambassadors.

Future consumers listen to former consumers, seeking their experience in forums and opinion platforms through their Smartphone, just when they have doubts about a purchase they must make. Understanding that the mobile is one of the current channels with the most use by people to access the Internet and is a personal and professional tool that users carry all day. The success of our brand will be given by whether we understand the needs of our consumers in those micro moments and the use they give to their smartphone.

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