Trust Building, The New

An absolute trend in SEO is ‘trust building’. There seems to be a new chapter being added to the link building section. Last year, Google released a patent that shows that Google can estimate the authority of a site, even without looking at the presence of links. This is about ‘implied links’, or ‘implied links’. We do not expect and see no landslide for the time being, but we are very curious about the influence within SERPs.

The Panda patent

What exactly does Google say with its patent? American SEO specialist Tommy Landry of the internet marketing agency Return On Now previously published an important passage from the patent:

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‘An express link, e.g., a hyperlink, is a link that is included in a source resource that a user can follow to navigate to a target resource. An implied link is a reference to a target resource, e.g., a citation to the target VP IT Email Lists resource, which is included in a source resource but is not an express link to the target resource. Thus, a resource in the group can be the target of an implied link without a user being able to navigate to the resource by following the implied link.’

VP IT Email Lists

‘Express links’ versus ‘implied links’

We read that links, as we know them now, are called express links ( express links ) and that according to Google, these are not the only links that exist. There are also implied links ( implied links ). The latter can appear in citations and mentions,  which do not require a specific link to a website. As with an express link, such a quote is considered a ‘vote’ for any website. It is important that the company name appears clearly in the text. It also still applies: the more authority of your (link) partner, the better. If someone with more authority shares a post about your company, it’s always more beneficial than someone with less authority.

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