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Unlike combine advertising, native advertising does not force a product on the user, but offers interesting content between the articles you are viewing.  is the ad button. Check out tips for setting up this ad type Topic Performance brand creative in Sklik You certainly know how much the creativity of the graphic designer can affect the performance of your banner ad. A successful banner is usually not create in minutes you need quality input, texts, graphics, etc. You also need to be aware of who and where the banner will be display so that the end user gets the most benefit from it. And what does a good banner look like Take a look at the presentation at the end of the article.

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Current works and what we can expect in the near future. Branding Glass is the year of new advertising formats. Not only has native and combin advertising with accompanying elements arrive, but also a large visible Branding format, which you will be able to enter separately with the CPT payment model. Video advertisement Sklik Another new feature that is Iceland Phone Number List being prepare for the end of the summer is video advertising in the format of a second video spot that the user will be able to skip, and a second bumper. First, this ad format will be available in CPT format. Dynamic banners and templates Sklik wants to give specialists the ability to target dynamic campaign banners to new users.

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If you manage an e shop and you know that some products are selling better or are new, you will be able to take advantage of this and specify in the product group which ads will be shown to new users. In product ads, a template tab will be add, where we will be Aleart News able to set basic adjustments to our ad. Towards the end of the year, we may also see HTML banners. Tests of new navigation results In the summer, a modifie navigation result will be test, which will be combin with information from Development of product advertisements Guys and girls from Sklik are working on increasing the quality and coverage of product advertisements.

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