The personality of the various curators

The Museum of Contemporary art in Athens the National. Gallery the Goulandris tis Andros. Athens and above all the Benaki Museum must and can have a Department of Photography. This will differentiate the Collections motivate curators and foster healthy competition. Always be combined with publications and lectures around the exhibits. Photography is not something given and unchanging but something that is constantly changing and forming a new identity.

The Photographic Center of Athens

The only Greek museum that has the right to claim Photo Restoration that it already has an organized and noteworthy photography department is the Benaki Museum whose activity around the preservation and dissemination of photography not only old but also modern is particularly important. . At the level of private initiative and organizations there are in Athens.  The Hellenic Photographic Society the oldest nonprofit photographic organization. That has recently been trying to get rid of its conservative anchors but with unknown results for the time being.

Photo Restoration

The Hellenic Photographic Society

The Hellenic Center of Photography which deals Aleart News exclusively with the organization of a series of exhibitions every September under the title International Photography Month. And d the Photographic Circle also known as which deals with the organization of exhibitions but mainly with the delivery of artistic seminars and the publication of photographic books. And as mentioned above the need to support the institutions from specific persons it is worth mentioning who mainly express and support the above bodies.

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