The Photographic Center

The directions that the new director of Kostis Antoniadis will give are not yet known. The Photographic Center of Thessaloniki presents the latest important initiative in the organization of exhibitions with an emphasis on the Balkans under the guidance of Vassilis Karkatselis while the wellestablished and multimember group in Stavroupoli with absolutely collective leadership and guidance is not limited to the organization of exhibitions but also makes sure to maintain the interest and artistic productivity of several young photographers. Apart from the two big cities there are small groups in many.

Organizations that have a history behind

Greek cities which depending on the possible Image Manipulation Service presence of a more active and capable initiator move with small steps producing exhibitions and a rather weak photographic creation. Rhodes Heraklion Zakynthos Florina Mytilini and many other cities have such groups. A special mention must be made of the seemingly remarkable effort of the subject. Greek Photography in general during which announcements and lectures will be made. A policy for Photography as for any art after all cannot be formed. Overnight nor should it in any way be finalized with immutable characteristics.

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What is important in my opinion is on the one Aleart News hand for the Ministry of Culture to show confidence in those individuals who have the enthusiasm to produce work regardless of the intervention of the State and its subsidies and on the other hand to create a sense of fairness and impartiality in the distribution of state funds. Organizations that have a history behind them and have already demonstrated. Amount to cover part of their operating costs so that they can calculate and plan for their future.

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