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Indicators, promote products add online price tags to posts. The latter feature is only available to approv sellers. Step Consider payment The more orders you have, the more difficult it is to keep track of payments you ne a system to record them. Also,  process should be convenient for customers so that they return to you. These tasks are solv by the UKassa payment aggregator, to which , stores are already connect. With it, you can create an account directly in your personal account send it to the client in the form of an email, SMS or direct link.

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At first, a personal YuKassa account can be us instead of CRM track the status of payment for each order, offer customers discounts on the next order, analyze revenue statistics. There is another option. You can connect the inst.shop service view  photos Poland Phone Number List on Instagram with products prices. It looks like a normal online store. Payments go through UKassa. Why do you ne Yukassa? Setting up online payments makes your business legal. For example, in May , the tax office organiz a test purchase of cakes on Instagram. Sellers had to pay fines for working without paperwork for intellectual property.

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UKassa will help you organize work with an online cash register comply with the law. . Be active on other accounts Comment on publications in those accounts where your target audience is locat. I recommend choosing accounts with a large number of subscribers from thous so that as many people as possible see the comments. For example, your company Aleart News is engag in teaching foreign languages. Find thematic accounts respond to user comments. Remember, your goal is to make yourself known grab the attention of Try different formats photos, videos, galleries or stories , post at different times in different numbers. Take a photo of your product in several ways using a template or just.

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