The reflexes of a newborn

Bodily instinctive automatic reactions to stimulation, which do not depend on the will. For example, when we touch a very hot object, the hand withdraws even before we even think about what happened. Only then does the pain and awareness of what happened appear. If not, we would have a better chance of burning our hand. Voluntary gestures and acts are commanded by the gray matter of the brain. Starting from the brain, the motor order reaches. The white matter of the spinal cord, passes to. The spinal nerves and reaches the target organ. Determining its reaction. The reflex act, on the other hand, is commanded by the gray matter of .The medulla and is performed before the brain becomes aware of them.

The Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Newborns have different reflexes that are the translation of our anthropological past, which are attenuated, over time, by social learning and habituation, but anyone, even in adulthood, if they feel dysrhythmia, stay alert: imagine they are in a concert hall, quietly listening to music. If you feel that, back there, someone has arrived who says a few Conduit CN Mobile Number List in the ear of another person and that, immediately, three or four get up, we are immediately on the alert, unable to pay attention to anything, other than trying to find out where it’s the nearest emergency exit. even without knowing what really happened back there. As for the newborn reflexes, which I will describe, many of them disappear as the brain organizes itself and the baby is, shall we say, brought into the 21st century.

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However some remain into adulthood and others. May re-appear, such as the so-called. Babinski sign (see below) which appears again when, for example. A person has a stroke. It can also be said that the reflexes. We are talking Aleart News about do not reach the cerebral cortex but remain. Only in the spinal cord, the stimulus-reaction set being independent of the will. Its presence in the newborn is a sign that the neurological system is working well. On the other hand. let’s face it, it’s something that still excites parents, seeming almost a mystery. brain fat At birth, a baby’s brain weighs between 300 and 400 grams, four times less than an adult’s.