The secrets of the human brain that marketing uses to sell

One of the keys that governs the success of a marketing campaign is to anticipate consumer behavior, knowing how they are going to act at any given time. That is why knowing about the functioning of our brain helps companies and advertisers to improve their business results, because thanks to this information the responses of users to a given marketing campaign are predicted. This is due to the fact that our minds, although complex and mostly unknown, reveal some keys to us about how we react, express ourselves and show ourselves to a given stimulus. Hence, companies can deduce how a consumer will respond to marketing campaigns that promote their products and services Finland Mobile Database. Below we analyze four key factors that every brand must take into account when it comes to the functioning of the human mind and how their marketing can benefit from them: the speed of information processing, the potential of images, the memory of faces and sensitivity to colors. The results are frankly surprising.

Back to the brain amygdala We all have a small part of our primitive brain. This section is called the brain amygdala and is critical because it controls the most visceral reactions and emotions of human beings. In fact, this part of the brain works much faster than the rest of this organ. Thus, human beings have visceral reactions every three seconds or less, which process information five times faster than the conscious area of ​​our brain. However, the impressions that the brain amygdala leave on us are much more lasting than those of traditional thinking. That is why any marketing campaign that wants to be effective must work to promote this part of our brain. Thus, as they maintain from MarketingProfs, a very effective tool in this sense is email marketing, from which emotional thinking can be understood.

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To do this, nothing better than to use those words that generate a higher level of emotion in consumers, that make them act urgently and even that generate a low level of anxiety. The importance of images Our brain works from images. In this sense, the widespread belief that thinking is solely based on the needs of sex, danger or food is not very disoriented to how we really function. And it is that images are much easier to digest than texts, which is why companies should bet on them. In fact, we process images at a speed 60,000 times faster than texts and 90% of the data Brother Cell Phone List we have in our brain is of a visual nature. Along the same lines, it is understandable that we better understand and remember images with text than information that only contains text. In this sense, brands that want to benefit from this trend in our brain must be aware of the importance of developing their campaigns as if they were scans of the images that consumers are going to retain.

Hence, all content, from email marketing to actions on social networks, must go through the implementation of images. Better pictures with faces The way our brain works is also particular, since human beings are able to identify reactions before with the mere expression of a face. In fact, the promotion of this ability is developed practically from birth and as babies grow this way of reacting multiplies, being with it susceptible to threats but also to positive stimuli. Hence, Marketing Profs recommend when making a marketing campaign to be based on the use of human faces that generate empathy in the audience, through expression and facial features, so that they attract positive attention. Attentive to the colors Finally, the psychology of color has an important degree of incidence in our brain, since we act in a certain way or another depending on the colors that are shown to us. In fact, much research indicates that between 60 and 90% of our feelings are influenced by colors. Thus, it is known to all of us that blue generates confidence, red passion and yellow anxiety. Knowing these reactions can anticipate how the audience and consumers will respond to a certain stimulus. Hence, the design and development of marketing campaigns start from this differentiation through the colors and tones of each of them.

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