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These sectors should not be left to the sad presence of KEKs secondly to production of a photographic work requests for the production of an original work thirdly in the strengthening of photographic publications it could also be done by purchasing copies for distribution in school libraries and only fourthly in the organization of exhibitions. On the contrary today the project’s promotion has first place. The reasons are firstly that viewing is easier The judgment for the grants and the evaluation of the proposals will be undertaken by a committee of people from the artistic photography field not from the trade union or commercial field who will rotate on it every year with the participation of course and representatives of the Ministry.

The State that precedes the private

The above thoughts and judgments are Wedding Photo Editing not aimed at the politics of a party. I am sure that any party in power and perhaps not only in.  Greece would manifest the same embarrassment and commit the same mistakes. The charismatic presences such as that of Malraux in France or Melina in Greece are not answers. Cultural policy needs deeper study and should not be based on charismatic exceptions. Art as a space with unclear boundaries and even more unclear criteria has always generated tensions and conflicts.

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The charismatic presences such

The State must move with the following general Aleart News thoughts and directions First with the belief that people individuals make art. Neither the state nor the institutions. The inviolable condition that they themselves participate. The State that precedes the private initiative and that exceeds the needs of the private artist or organizer essentially turns him into a public body and takes away from him the important motivation that constitutes the private part and the personal appeal and need.

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