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Learn all about keyword research, search Burma B2B List engine marketing and reporting in Google Analytics from the best subject matter experts. Find out if it’s for you Webshops are full of beautiful products, have cool designs and a great UX. But Burma B2B List are you taking advantage of every opportunity to shoot through the ceiling organically? With a 16% increase in e-commerce purchases in 2021, it will only become more interesting to represent your webshop well in search. Ecommerce SEO is the foundation of your success. In this article I share 6 useful SEO tips to make an impact.

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SEO audit: your starting point There are so many Burma B2B List variables that determine the success of your shop that you are almost never done optimizing. It is important to prioritize your work. From your audit you determine where you can make the most impact. This not only provides structure, but also capacity within the organization. If those invol Burma B2B List see results sooner, it is also easier to implement the rest of your ideas and optimisations. 6 SEO tips to make an impact Developments are happening at a rapid pace. Familiar story, you might think, but unfortunately it is true. Google changes the type of search results, refines the guidelines and also Burma B2B List changes the way they handle certain elements on your webshop. Focus on the elements that can make an impact.

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1. Build Ultimate (URL) Structure A tight website structure is Burma B2B List  what every webshop owner wants. After all, that’s what your visitors like when navigating to your products. But you’ll be surprised how often that is not yet ideally arranged… ouch! What should you pay attention to when creating a tight structure? bread crumbs We use breadcrumbs to indicate where a visitor is in the webshop. And you would prefer to match this with your URL structure. Many shops create confusion by showing crazy breadcrumb paths and completely different URL structures. That’s just not friendly to your visitor! building URLs Far too often you see Burma B2B List meaningless ID numbers or other unnecessary characters in URLs. This does not go smoothly even with the most large and well-known players. Check this url of Mediamarkt, for example.

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