These are the main mistakes that are causing your content marketing strategy to fail

Content marketing has become something of a new magic word in the corporate world. Many are the studies that have shown their efficiency and many are the companies that have therefore launched to test them and launch themselves as a new system to seduce their consumers. But, despite the fact that content marketing arouses so many and such positive expectations, not all companies are managing to achieve success with it. And the content is not magic. They are not an enchantment that is going to get consumers to become enthusiastic fans of the brand simply by putting them in front of them Latvia Mobile Database. The contents need work, they need strategy and, above all, they need to avoid certain large errors. Some are very basic, but no less common when you look at what companies are doing. You’re doing promos all the time – it’s not about spamming One of the main failures that brands have when they think about content marketing is thinking that what is opening is the door to fill the world with their infomercials.

This is a mistake: the most important thing when launching into content marketing is to understand that what you are going to do or what you should bet on is not for a huge amount of advertising messages. The contents are not that . What consumers expect and what brands must offer them is value-added content. Therefore, we must forget the only marketinian ideas and we must start thinking as the writing of a media would do. You have to look for the topics that interest your followers / readers and offer them to them. And those contents must have quality and must be attractive. They have to be well written, well developed, and they have to catch the audience they are offering. We already know that your brand is the most beautiful and the best on the market, but that is not what is expected of you when you launch a content marketing strategy. Forget about us and bet on other kinds of things. You are not offering the content that corresponds to the audience to which you should send it Many brands do create this content with value and therefore manage to have a starting point that conforms to what a content marketing strategy should be, and yet they are not getting an echo at all with it.

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Why doesn’t anyone read what is being released to the world? Why has this story with so much potential not only gone viral, but has also fallen short of being shared beyond the enthusiastic workers of the company? The fault is not here in the content but in the public. To understand what is wrong, you just have to sit in a cafeteria, one of those modern ones in which they have all the newspapers and all the magazines that the consumer may need. The experiment only requires taking a couple from the same family and reading them carefully afterwards Brother Cell Phone List. What to look for These media may appear to be the same, but in reality they are not. They all know who their target audience is and all of them are committed to offering services, content and spaces adjusted to what that audience wants to read. A content marketing strategy must have this element among the first to consider. It does not matter that the contents are very good if afterwards they are not reaching who they should reach. Everything has an audience and each audience wants different things. Brands have no choice but to study what theirs wants and offer it to them. You are using inappropriate channels to reach the public But it is not only a question of what exactly the public wants but also where that public is.

You have to do research to find out who the brand’s specific target audience is and then not only find out what they like but also where exactly they consume it. How do consumers access information? Where are they? That is where efforts must be concentrated. On the other hand, it is not only necessary to ask where the consumers are but also what channels and what added values ​​they have or what value is attributed to them as prescribers. It is not worth simply knowing that your potential consumers may be there to launch themselves like a vermin for that channel. Yes, women are on Pinterest, but not all brands have the potential to succeed on this social network. Producing content for her can be a mistake if the type of brand that is trying does not fit with what consumers expect to find there. You are not taking advantage of the opportunities One of the star points to succeed in a content marketing strategy is knowing how to take advantage of the moments. Capturing opportunities is key to reaching the public. Let’s take an example.

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A makeup brand can take advantage of key moments of peak interest to establish a point of contact with the consumer. You can, for example, launch tutorials in the spring months taking advantage of the arrival of the wedding and communion season or you can take advantage of the pull of festive makeup on Halloween and Carnival to position yourself in October and February. Sometimes you do not have to force your hand to get to the consumer but you have to know how to take advantage of what is already arriving by context. Brands that fail to reach their audience with their content often fail because they are unable to create content beyond their own calendars. It is not necessary to remain only with the obvious, with the own thing. You also have to know how to play with the elements that arrive indirectly.

Your content marketing strategy is spotty And, possibly and in general, all these errors come from the company not having a clear content marketing strategy. The contents are the latest fad and that has made many have simply decided to enter the trend. But it is not enough to jump for it: you have to do something else. You have to establish a roadmap and above all you have to be constant. A very common mistake made by those who have decided to carry out the entire content strategy almost in an amateur way , without trusting an expert to guide their way, is to do sprints . That is: they publish everything together in a single moment or they go through stages of great creative fever and stages of great creative silence. It is what makes them publish a lot of content in one day and then spend a week in silence.

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Or what makes them constant in their strategy for a few weeks and then they spend a couple of months in silence. And that is a fatal mistake. The contents must have a certain consistency behind them. You have to maintain a pattern and always be faithful to it. Publishing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday may seem uncreative, but the truth is that it is the best strategy when what you want is to turn content into something more than that. There are no clear objectives in the content you release Because content – and the marketing strategy associated with it – is not simply a tool to inform or entertain the consumer. No company worth its salt wants just that. The contents are an element that helps the company to reach the consumer and be more successful, be more efficient in its relationship with consumers, build loyalty more easily or close many more sales. What the content is for must be decided by each company based on its needs and objectives, but it has to. A content strategy that does not have a clear objective is already doomed to failure.

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