They exhibit Liverpool error: apparently he put the diving equipment he sells upside down

Last year, Liverpool took the summer sale by posting average comparable store growth of 7.7 percent, according to ANTAD data Senegal Phone Number List. At the end of June 2018, Liverpool operated a total of 131 department stores, 90 from its eponymous brand, 41 from Fábrica de Francia and 124 from Suburbia, in addition to 117 specialized boutiques.

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It is one of the most prominent chains in its segment. Even in e-commerce, Liverpool and Coppel are leaders in growth and strategy in Mexico, according to the 2018 eCommerce Challenges report, prepared by the consulting firm The Cocktail,

However, that does not guarantee that the offer is made correctly, since photographs of the firm’s diving equipment circulate on Facebook, but with a model that shows that it does not know how to put it.

Apparently they put the clothes backwards on their models:

The user Aldo Skualo shared his finding and it reported to new ones Phone Number List, among the comments of his publication.

That wetsuit is backwards

This is how the brand starred in a funny moment and shows that you must be attentive to how the product is presented to the consumer, no large chain is infallible and the consumer is always there to prove it.

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