Things to do (or not to do) when social media changes

Many let it go, but in the world of marketing , the changes in some algorithm of the social platforms is a very important event. Adjusting to last minute modifications is a watershed for the digital landscape behind any brand or UK Phone Number List company. And this situation is not surprising. With the digital revolution, a very strong dependence of companies on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. has originated.

Imagine that social media disappeared
While it is true that they are one of the best usable platforms for content distribution, it means that even a slight change radically transforms action strategies on the same stage.

Social media in the hands of sellers
In life there are basic rules. And that also applies to the marketing and advertising industry. Before entering and executing strategies, a number of elements have to be considered to be successful.

What to do when a social media platform changes?
Although in this case, when we say that a social network has changes, we mean the way its algorithm decides to display content. The most specific case was triggered by Facebook.

Earlier this year, he decided to focus on his mission and core value to deliver and distribute content differently. Its purpose was to serve, once again, the connection and interaction between users, the main reason why the platform was created.

Charms of social media
For this 2018, digital and social networks presented a milestone in communication between the commercial sector and consumers. According to We Are Social , there are 3.196 billion social media users globally.

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Who wants to miss that opportunity? No one would want to miss out on that.

With an estimated 42 percent penetration, at least participation in this segment has to be projected. Hence the importance of executing content promotion tactics in different formats. Always, adaptation ahead.

Reality or fiction
Social networks are spaces used by many people. However, there are some important risks to consider. For example, there are just over 330 million registered users on Twitter, although less than 25 percent of accounts are active on a monthly basis.

Although the statistics will say that it is necessary to attend to most sources, it is essential to know how the platforms are developing and to contemplate the true situation in which they are.

Facebook is the most used social network in the world. With just over 2.2 billion people on the globe who have an account, many of the firms are looking for a place within the same space. The problem is that there are many users who only dedicate themselves to “inflate” Phone Number List company page numbers.

In fact, there are “banks” where profiles are created, although they are not bots, they are not one hundred percent real accounts.

Things to do, or not to do, when there are changes in social networks
An algorithm could change the success of a digital tactic. Both positively and negatively. Although there could also be many other factors, including the type of content, the quality of the content and the key events that become a trend for the audience.

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The most important thing is to understand how social content is performing and what factors affect its performance.

According to Content Marketing World 2018, there are a series of actions that can be taken when social networks present changes. Especially in its content algorithm.

Be patient, don’t despair
The initial panic inflates the impact of the change. Making an immediate adjustment in response to the alarm may do more harm than good.

By remaining stable and carefully measuring the impact that is generated, at least a considerable time, adjustments can be made.

These will be more informed and can be tied with the strategy that you have, at least in many points. Based on actual results, not hearsay.

Think agile
A major change in the algorithm is a perfect time for hypothesis testing. You can do some safe experiments to fail, see what works and what doesn’t. An agile marketing team can start with a single social channel and gain a much deeper understanding of how their content should adapt.

Grow from changes
Adapt and not die. When the organic range decreases, the answer is to increase the frequency. That helped a bit. In social networks, everything is about sharing and improving interaction. Something has to be done to mention and share more importantly. That helped a lot.

You have to face the change head on. The solution is to have various methods to reach the audience through content: SEO, social platforms, SEM, payment methods, email, associations, etc.

Being essential elements of content distribution, it can be taken during the first few weeks and pay attention to what is causing it.

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Does anyone want to think about testing?
Making a particular measurement, using the key performance indicators to help counteract the negative effects of the algorithm. This is how it affects the desired actions. Sometimes it is necessary to run some A / B tests to see if the favorable changes are being maximized.

Once you have an idea of ​​what is changing and why, identifying gaps in strategy or where there may not be a one-to-one match with execution is necessary to make adjustments accordingly.

Do some research
Reacting to changes as they occur is a sure way to go to the abyss. Know what your audience likes on an ongoing basis and do it in a disciplined way. That is, not all trends have to be addressed. You also have to know how to run it.

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