This also explains the huge difference

The printed photograph does not bear on it the physical presence of the photographer as is the case with the painting and the painter. That is why it is not customary nor is it correct for the photographer to sign on the body of the photograph. The contemplation of a painting is accompanied by the emotion and tension caused by the imaginary presence of the painter. Photographic reproduction simply conveys to us the gaze of a photographer. In short photography lacks materiality. e The painting is composed from scratch. The painter creates his own world by adding elements more or less recognizable that refer to the real world. The table boundaries are absolute.

Instead the implicit convention of photography

The limits of photography extend beyond the Ghost Mannequin Effect photo frame. That is why the importance of the frame in photography as a double limit those it encloses and those it excludes is fundamental. f The implicit convention of painting consists in accepting that the things depicted are figments of the painter’s imagination whether or not they were alive before him. Instead the implicit convention of photography consists in the belief that what is depicted certainly existed as a part of reality but not exactly so because then the given photograph would have nothing new to offer and the photographer would not have created. g The connection of the photograph with reality has the consequence that in principle all its elements are treated as information.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Photography speaks of stillness

At best and at best the photographer hopes to turn Aleart News the information into elements of a poetic discourse. In the way photography approaches and deals with color compared to painting. In the photo the color has the identity of its information. That is why its hue or texture may be of primary. Importance to the painting but not to the photograph. Photography speaks of stillness therefore the importance of the frame is primary while cinema speaks of movement therefore the importance of the succession of images becomes primary in its case.

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