This is the announcement of La Costeña and TWD that they are praising in networks

The Walking Dead (TWD) is a cultural phenomenon. The production tells the story of a group of people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse and has captivated audiences, becoming a success for the content production company AMC. Latvia Phone Number List Data provided by the production indicate that the premiere season of TWD (launched between 2010 and 2011) reached an average rating of 5.2 million viewers, while it was the fifth installment of the production (2014-2015) that had the best performance at the with respect to an average rating of 14.3 million people.

Hence, it is not surprising that a Mexican brand made contact with her to join the promotion of its new season and at the same time take advantage of the theme to advertise its products.

The spot refers to a group of survivors who await the arrival of one of its members with canned goods from La Costeña, dodging zombies . The idea has had positive interaction in the official profile of the brand Phone Number List, standing out from other publications.

The Brand Dynamics study, conducted by Millward Brown, showed La Costeña as the number one brand in the food category in Mexico.

Both brands have benefited from this creative collaboration.

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