This Time They Decided To Defy Child Sacrifice

No cover your eyes, here we go! IT _ The director of the American horror film TO manage to achieve perfect pre-Halloween timing. This film already became the most profitable in the American horror category on September of this year . million dollars in domestic theaters alone is a record success! The trailer alone collecte million views on the first day of its release, dethroning the Fast and the Furious trailer from first place. The story takes place in the small town of Derry, in the state of Maine, where the writer and author of the original Stephen King was also born.

The So-call It Is Pennywise

Of giving joy . In the film, Pennywise returns to the same town every years. Interestingly, the first film adaptation of the book took place years ago, and what’s more, Bill Skarsgård the clown’s main character was born then. Is the clown just a murderous toy or does he represent a man with a trouble past, feeding on our greatest fears? The Silence of the Armenia Phone Number List Lambs The third film in film history to win all major Oscars film, director, screenplay, actor, actress is The Silence of the Lambs. Psychological horror base on the combination of many real elements is tune in detail in such a way that you cannot avoid goosebumps. The main role was rejecte by Jeremy Irons, Robert de Niro and other well-known actors, until finally Anthony Hopkins brilliantly accepte it.

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The Clown Who Murders Children Instead

He play the convicte psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter so believably that even Jodie Foster herself – the other main character, a student at the FBI academy investigating the case of the Buffalo Bill killer – refuse to talk to him outside of the filming out Aleart News of fear. The story is base on Clarice Starling’s Jodie Foster search for the flesh-and-blood mass murderer Buffalo Bill, aided by the perhaps even more disturbed convict Hannibal Lecter Anthony Hopkins in exchange for improv prison conditions. Anthony Hopkins even listened to the screams of people being flay, and the actors participate in FBI training to make the movie experience even more realistic.

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