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Ads Metrics Impressions 2.Click Click is the number of times someone clicks on our ad to l on the ling page or the website of the business that we have set. The higher this value, the more it means that The ads we shoot only attract more people. It may be due tofrom 2 types: Set a daily budget (Daily Budget) . For example, if you set that in 1 day the ad must spend no more than 300 baht when the Facebook ad budget reaches a certain threshold. All ads will stop running. start over the next day It is allow to shoot add by running a long budget  campaign Lifetime Budget.

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For example, if you put a total of baht, the ad will run until the 10,000 baht is spent, which may take a day. or a week Advantage Campaign Budget Remember this is campaign-level budgeting. If you are planning to create multiple Ad Set ads in a single Bulgaria Phone Number List campaign. This money planning is meant to average the money for all ad sets under this campaign. However, the Advantage Campaign Budget menu can be disabl. This is suitable for people who are not comfortable setting budgets at the campaign level. If you haven’t set a budget for this section yet.

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The setting will be forc again in the ad sets section. Turn-Off Advantage Campaign Budget 2. Set up an ad set (Ad Set) next to the campaign settings. It will go into the ad set settings. Starting from naming the Ad Set Teaching how to shoot, add Ad Set Aleart News Name Next is the budget. If you set it up at the campaign level The system will tell you that the information is bas on that section. do not ne to be re-schul How to add Facebook Budget & Schule meanwhile If you turn off the Advantage Campaign Budget menu wait for the Ad Set level setting, you can set it here. Set start date end date The next menu is Audience Settings. 

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