Title Tag & Description

Google shows in the search results ± 55 characters of the text in the title tag ( tool tip from Moz to check ). In the example below, Univé immediately shows the price, an important argument for many Dutch people to switch.

There is more space for the description under the title. What Independer does well here is that they immediately mention that you can call for telephone advice. A part that distinguishes them from other comparison sites.

At full Speed

It is important that from now on your ‘content and content marketing machine’ should be running at full speed. Publish a mix of current and evergreen content weekly, and sometimes even daily. Distribute this among relevant target groups. Seek the press whenever possible. In short, be present, inform your target group and claim authority.

November – SEO check

Mid-November is the deadline for health insurers to announce the premiums. From then on, all premiums are known and it is possible to compare. We know from previous years that most Dutch people switch between Christmas Hospital Mailing Lists and New Year’s, but the first conversions are already coming in mid-November. And, more importantly, the customer journey starts in November and SEO is a channel that has a strong role early (and also later) in the customer journey. During the first weeks of November you have the last chance to check everything again.

Hospital Mailing Lists

Sanity check: is everything still OK?

Software such as Screaming Frog SEO Spider , DeepCrawl or OnPage.org can be used to check all pages within the website. In any case, check the following:

  • whether each url gives status code 200 OK.
  • whether each page contains a unique title and meta description. Also check whether this really says what should be there.
  • whether each page has the correct (and only 1) H1.
  • is the canonical link element used correctly on every page?
  • do all links within the website still work?
  • are there redirects within the website? If so, adjust the links so that a redirect is not necessary.
  • Is formatting for structured data used correctly?
See also  Number of Variants and Mixed Versions

You check all these points throughout the year. The advantage of using DeepCrawl or OnPage is that it automatically saves all the information. This makes it easy to monitor differences and it is also possible to find out the cause of issues that you may not immediately see.