Are There Clear Calls-to-Action

Of course, calls-to-action should not be missing. Determine per type of page what you want/hope the visitor will do. Click through, read on, request more information, order? Make sure it is clear how this can be done. For example with striking action buttons. A strong call-to-action is usually above the page fold, is striking, stands out in color, and contains promotional text.

10. Is the proposition clear?

Can a visitor see at a glance what you have to offer and what is unique about it? For real? Try a 3 second test. Show someone who doesn’t know your company your homepage or a product page for 3 seconds. What can he tell you about this next? Is that what you want to convey? A visitor determines in no time whether the website is of value to him or her. If you Purchasing Directors Email Lists don’t make it clear to the visitor in the first few seconds what it means to the visitor, he’s gone.

11. Is the website optimized for mobile traffic, is there a mobile website?

The share of mobile traffic is growing explosively. If you don’t have a mobile website or app yet , it might be time to think about it. Keep in mind that mobile visitors are really different from visitors who visit your site via a desktop or laptop. Not only are their screens much smaller, their needs are also different. A mobile visitor is often on the road, has little time, and wants to find something quickly. Things like your location, route description, opening times, availability of products, etc. play a greater role.

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12. Logical use of social media arranged?

Finally, we cannot ignore social media . No, not from the idea that you ‘must’ do something with it. But ask yourself what, given your target group and objectives, a logical use of social media could be. Has this already been arranged and also integrated on your website?

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Do you have any additions? Let me know in the comments. I am also curious what points for improvement you have discovered as a result of your own quick scan on your website(s)!