5 Reasons to Optimize

Yes, it really says: optimizing your website for Bing. Due to the large market share of Google, ‘that other search engine’ is sometimes overlooked. However, Bing is on the rise, which makes it worthwhile to dive deeper into Search Engine Optimization for Bing. How do you approach it and which tools can you use? I’ve listed it for you.

5 reasons to optimize for Bing now

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SEO and Google are closely CEO Email Lists linked for many people. However, if you want to implement an all-encompassing SEO strategy as a company, Bing will also have to be taken into account. “.. great! Now we also have to optimize for Bing? Is that really worth it..?”. Yes, for 5 reasons.

CEO Email Lists

1. Bing in America has 25-30% market share

Due to the merger of Bing and Yahoo , the search engine in America currently holds between 25% and 30% market share. It is expected that, in addition to the organic results, paid searches within Bing will also continue the strong upward trend of recent months ( source ). But Bing has not only started to rise in America, Bing has also found its way up in Europe! For example, the share of search traffic via Bing in the UK has almost doubled in one year (6.2% in 2013 vs. 11% in 2014). So we have to wait for the moment that search traffic via Bing will also start growing in the Netherlands (currently 3%).

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