12 Month SEO Calendar to Peak

SEO – improving your organic findability – cannot be controlle on a day-to-day basis. Your efforts only have an effect in the longer term. But you work in the health insurance industry and you have to peak in December, when the competition is strongest. How do you do that? Or a slightly broader problem statement for comparable industries: how can you achieve groundbreaking results with SEO in a market that is subject to strong seasonal influences?

It’s possible. The answer lies in the customer journey of your customers. Of course people take out new health insurance en masse in December, even the largest group in the last days. But people spend their entire year on health insurance. And you can do a lot with SEO.

People spend their entire year on health insurance. And you can do a lot with SEO.

Start early and work continuously with SEO

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To get ahead of the competition in SEO, you need to start early. 12 months in advance, and continuously working on SEO. From our experiences and successes Quality Directors Email Lists in these and other markets, we know that a lot of preparation, planning and execution are crucial. This article is an example of what an SEO annual calendar might look like to peak in ‘care season’ when it’s need.

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January – Review, plan & service

The storm is over*. I hope you had a successful season. Time to analyze the results first. Have the SEO objectives been achieve? Did the processes go as planne? Did we take out what was achievable? And what things did not go well? What can we learn from and what really needs to be improve next year?

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*People can still take out new health insurance until January 31 if they have cancele it by December 31 at the latest. So even up to and including January 31, your findability must still be in order.

The outcomes and learnings form the basis for your SEO plan this year. What does it take to score even better this year? What will be the roadmap for. The 3 pillars of technology, content and authority? What and who do you need for that? Your objectives, plan of action and planning should be ready in January. Because you have to get starte now to be able to peak in December.