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You bring your audience interactions to the forefront focus on UGC more. Of course, you can always hire a freelancer from a writing services review site like Online Writers Rating who will create your br content, but you still ne to curate at least some UGC content by reposting it on your social mia accounts. Another way to respond to UGC is by commenting under posts, encouraging UGC by starting dicat hashtags contests, so on. 6 Product Customisation Another great Commerce digital marketing strategy is product customisation.

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More of a combination of different techniques that lead to your products being at the forefront of your marketing. Here are some tactics to use for product customisation: You can personalise the product promotions you send to your customers by email by looking at their past activity (e.g. if they view or bought a face cream, they might be interest Taiwan Phone Number List in a h cream). You can add the option of filtering products on your website to allow your potential customers to view only the products they are interest in (e.g. the latest releases in a particular price range of a certain product category.

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You can let your customers put together their own gift boxes (e.g. they select five different products then select the option of “gift packaging”; you create a gift box that contains the products they have purchas). 7 Focus on Social Proof Last but not least, social proof is a very powerful tool when it comesyour customers. This is why focusing on social proof can really enhance your digital marketing strategy. UGC can act as a form of social Aleart News proof, but you still ne to collect reviews feback to send out in your emails post on your website showing that you are a legitimate eCommerce br with a good reputation. Final Thoughts To sum up, a successful eCommerce marketing strategy depends on how well you execute the plan you have set up.

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