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Shoot Facebook add from start to finish for newbies. Get ready to open your Facebook Page. start learning shooting classes with us! how to prepare before starting to shoot Get your advertising pieces ready. Projects made for Facebook Ads do n’t always have to be post on the Page, because when Set Ad actually you can choose to create a new ad. without having to set them to appear on the page. However, the images, videos subtitles to be us Must be ready before starting to shoot add Prepare customer information In the process of shooting add, there will be a menu to set up quite detail, mainly relat to the target audience.

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Or who you want them to become customers, such as age, gender, interests, or place of residence. So you should explore this information put it all together before you shoot, add , or target multiple audiences. Then try ads that support each target group. This Bahrain Phone Numbers List section is in the process of creating an ad set (Ad Set) that we will explain in the next content. budget When you go through the Facebook Ads setup process, you can plan two different budgets: a fix budget that you spend per day.

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Setting a budget to run throughout the campaign which means No matter which setting you choose You ne to have a whole budget to use for adding Facebook . Create an Advertising Account in Facebook Ads Manager Facebook Ads Manager is a tool Aleart News to customize run ads on Facebook end-to-end (now known as Meta Ads Manager, integrat ad management for all social mia in the Meta family). To get start, log in to your Facebook account at Link to your business Page, then click here to create a Facebook Ads account. Facebook Ads Manager Ad Settings Structure Setting up Facebook ads consists of 3 main parts: Campaign, Ad Set, Ad. Campaign The campaign is for Set the objective of the ad. 

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