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From the archive and return it to the fe. To extract Instagram photos from your phone, you will ne you ne to open the archive of publications and click on the desir photo After opening the photo, you ne to click on the button with three dots to the right above the photo and select Show in profile in the menu that appears How to unzip photos from. Instagram from your phone The. Publication will be restor from the archive and restor. Not with a new entry, but will  return  to the old place! But the story in the archive can simply be add to the. Relevant section and pinn to the profile so that subscribers can always view it! Viewing someone else’s archive.

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The archive is hidden from the eyes of other users. You cannot view someone else’s archive, and no one can view your archive. If a service or person offers to open access to someone else’s archive, they are scammers. How to send a file to the archive India Phone Number List and return it back? Where can I find photos stor on Instagram and how do I send them there? Let’s go straight to the instructions. Open the app and sign in to your profile. Open the main page by clicking on the icon with your avatar in the lower right corner. Select the message you want to hide.

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Click the three dots or lines above the right corner of the image. In the menu that appears, click the button with the understandable name Archive . Now a few words about where to find these images and videos and how to bring them to life. Go to your page. Go to your profile and click on the top right corner to see the three dots or lines. The settings Aleart News menu will open. The Archive section will be hidden under the clock icon. It is locat at the top right. that’s where our cache is, where the hidden publications are hidden. Find messages to return. Open the desir post and click on the three dots above the top right corner. Select Show on profile. 

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