Today’s consumers trust the opinion of strangers more than the brands themselves

In the conference on Efficacy, transparency, visibility and other challenges of the new advertising market, held yesterday in Madrid and organized by the Spanish Marketing Association, in collaboration with the Advertising Academy and the General Association of Advertising Companies ( AGEP), various executives of top-tier companies have analyzed the most important issues that govern the present and future of advertising Jamaica Mobile Database. The conference was attended by BBVA’s Director of Operational Marketing, José Luis Arbeo; the general director of Equmedia, Celia Caño; the Digital General Director of Prisa Radio, Carlos Relloso, and the General Director of Rocket Fuel, Juan Sevillano.

Participants discussed the main challenges marketers face in an environment in which consumers command more than ever and force brands to offer each one tailored solutions where, when and through of any platform or channel, since as José Luis Arbeo has pointed out, “Today’s consumers trust the opinion of strangers on the Internet more than the brands themselves.” The debate, which has been moderated by Julián Bravo, former president of the Advertising Academy, has yielded a series of conclusions and recommendations for marketing professionals in the 21st century: Ad visibility is not the most important thing for advertising professionals.

The key is to offer the consumer a message that interests them at the right time and place. Time is money. Every moment of the day has its economic value. Success in the online environment will not come from the highest bidder, but rather the one who knows which audience has the most value for their business at a specific time and place. Not only do you have to identify who your target audience is, but also assess who is most valuable at any given time. A consumer who has been interested once in a flight to Rio de Janeiro does not have the same value as another who has spent three days looking for information on trips to Brazil. The second is likely to be closer to the purchase decision and, therefore, its value to the advertiser is greater.

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All channels are important within the marketing funnel. In Spain, television continues to have great weight when it comes to influencing audiences. However, the Internet is a fundamental piece to identify new potential customers and to increase the degree of interaction with a brand Brother Cell Phone List. The banner has risen from the ashes. After several years in which the death of the banner as an advertising element was predicted, technologies such as programmatic buying and Real Time Bidding (RTB) have regained their prominence by allowing the offering of relevant content for each individual. Specialized online media have more possibilities to profit through advertising.

According to Juan Sevillano of Rocket Fuel, “if you generate relevant content, your ability to prescribe a brand is greater, and therefore your value as a medium will rise. However, more important than space is the consumer you impact. In programmatic buying campaigns, machines will always seek to launch an ad about cars to their audience at the right time and place, whether they are consulting a page about cars or about astronomy. It’s about maximizing the likelihood of a conversion with the least investment possible. In this sense, Juan Sevillano has stated that “the secret of the success of digital advertising strategies lies in knowing what the consumer thinks or wants at a specific moment.

All of us who have participated in this conference have agreed that personalization is key to advertising campaigns. We will continue to work with companies and advertisers to help them, with the help of technology, to define and reach not only their potential customers, but those we know in advance will react with certainty to a specific message. ” “If the consumer has an idea in his head and at that precise moment you offer it to him, either through a banner, a television advertisement or a Facebook Ad, you can be very sure that you are going to achieve a conversion”, he concludes Sevillano.

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