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Or does not meet the nes of customers For example, let’s say a customer sells confectionery products in a hypermarket channel wants to focus on the highest level of awareness online. Not very interest in sales What we should do is find a a lot of Awareness. Reach new people, but should not offer Search or SEM because these tools do not meet the nes of Awareness at all. Adding them will cost more. No (but, of course, if the customer wants it as an option, it can be don’t mind Budget) Therefore, a good planning should be able to offer a plan that better meets the nes of customers. Don’t sell more than necessary.

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In order to make a lot of money, this will cause problems when the customer finds out later. Sales Planning bas on customer resources available Not every customer has a lot of capital in marketing. or have a complete set of tools This problem Singapore Phone Number List is often fac with marketing small mium enterprises, SMEs, requiring us to modify or be creative. To make plans bas on the base that the customer has or is limit. For example, to illustrate, Customer A’s business wants to do Social Mia in order to generate the most Lead or Inbox people, but that customer They don’t have a website, they only have their own social mia channels.

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Causing many restrictions, if there is a website, it will be a little better Which we may have made a marketing plan that has done the Social Mia part, but we also offer SEM as well by clicking on the customer’s social mia page instead Aleart News of the website. Many people may think that it is good or not. Will the efficiency be okay? But it cannot escape the fact that SEM is a very good tool for generating leads, just that the customer doesn’t have a website. Using it to the ling page doesn’t hurt anything. but may not be able to count  discourag, gradually measure results. Look at the graph if there are signs of growth. The graph.

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