Try To Think About What Interests You About That Person

About your respondent, about the topic, about the context. Search on the Internet and in libraries . Quality research takes even a seasoned journalist a lot of time. Whenever you feel the urge to wave your hand at it, remember the poor man who paid the price for his careless preparation. In the video, you will see what kind of soda Barbora Tachecí gave to the presenter of Czech Television in . Attention. This demo is only for the brave. Prepare questions and prepare not to stick to them Do you feel like you might even know the interviewee’s shoe number? Congratulations.

You Have Completed The Search

What attracts you, what information your readers are eager for. Ask about it. Break your questions down into different categories, for example Career Family Leisure Personal development Political views These categories will help you organize the entire Bulgaria Phone Number List conversation later. And readers will appreciate it. Never consider your questions to be the center of the universe, they are a lifeline to hold on to when the current of conversation takes you elsewhere. Or when you get completely lost. What do professionals hide in their bags? Before you put on your shoes and head out to create the conversation of your life, take a look in your bag.

Bulgaria Phone Number List

Now Let Get Down To The Questions Themselves

Do you have an interview to record? Have you packed your phone, recorder or laptop? And make sure you have a sufficiently charged device and know how to handle it. At the end of a two-hour interview, no respondent likes to hear “Hey, it didn’t record.” What are you doing tomorrow? Also, don’t forget to pack your prepared questions and paper Aleart News with a pen. Write down the best thoughts and use them to create a framework for the whole conversation. What strikes you that you are interviewing for the first time “That was my first interview,” admits the beginner with a slight blush.

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