Twitter flies through the skies and it’s all the fault of this tweet thread

No kidding, Twitter is making a comeback and today its share price is skyrocketing as a result of acknowledging that it has fewer users, although it has made more money… what happened? The company led by Jack Dorsey went through a very difficult 2017, many even speculated about its possible sale Cyprus Phone Number List. However, the CEO stuck to take flight and it seems that he is succeeding.

Twitter Is ‘Likely’ To Test Subscription Model In 2020
This morning Twitter posted a message on its platform as part of its Q3 results and after that, everything has been up.

Here the details
Total revenue: $ 758 million, a 29 percent increase from the prior year
For advertising: 650 million dollars, 29 percent more
In the United States: $ 423 million (+ 28 percent)
International markets: 335 million dollars (+ 30 per centoto)
Daily Active Users (DAU): grew 9 percent
Monthly Active Users (MAU): 326 million, down from 330 million in the same period last year and 335 million in the previous quarter.
Advertising and purging … the keys
Why if Twitter lost 9 million users did it make more money? We know that for several months the platform has maintained a strategy aimed at counteracting the damage caused by the alleged leakage of international agents to influence the presidential elections in the United States; the proliferation of fake news; and cyberbullying.

As part of this, the company announced that it would hide the tweets of accounts that it evaluates as harmful content or with false information, in addition to this, it began a purge of bots and false accounts, something that significantly impacted several of the main personalities in the social network .

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In addition, it launched new features such as Explore, Search, Happening Now, Notifications Phone Number List, New Navigation, More Tweets focused on establishing a better ecosystem for users. As well as a series of strategic alliances in order to make the platform an attractive setting for macas; like its alliance with Disney that shot up its value on the New York Stock Exchange -among others-.

This has already been reflected in the markets, the company’s shares soared as much as 16 percent this morning and currently stabilized at more than 14 percent in the NYSE index, of the New York Stock Exchange.

Without a doubt this is positive, although Twitter does not have a user base like Facebook (more than 2 billion) or Instagram (800 million), it still has a place as one of the most important social networks and where the main figures of politics, entertainment, sports, media and business are very active.