User jokes with Uber and the brand’s response exhibits disinterest in customer service

Uber has around 60 million users and a presence in some 450 cities in the world today. In fact, it is the best-valued startup, with $ 68 billion, beating others like Xiaomi and Airbnb, according to data projected by Statista. It arrived in Mexico in 2013 and is present in 43 cities in 23 states. Georgia Phone Number List Specifically in this country, it has faced various cases related to abuse, which is why the company recently experienced a crisis.

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However, based on customer-oriented strategies, the fight for your brand reputation to emerge continues.

But, in the details is the key. Recall that consumers in Mexico are more likely to try a new company due to the reputation of a company (33 percent), they value it more than the recommendations of a friend or family member (25 percent).

That is why what seems like a simple tweet can put a brand like Uber in check. Especially if it is a recurring theme in the digital conversation, such as the automation of responses to the consumer through bots.

No digital user will like the idea that a generalized tweet responds to a real problem and this event has been suffered by various brands. A few hours ago a joke from the Twitter user @ Marvil_74 became evident in the Uber case.

He posted a reference to public transportation, but with the word Uber came an automated response that caused laughter, but also brought up the idea that the solution is nil.

According to Zendesk, the penetration of digital channels, coupled with the speed of competition to innovate, user mobility, the demand for a satisfactory experience and real-time service Phone Number List, are factors that will determine the success or failure of a service and, consequently, the trust of users in brands and products.

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However, in practice, any consumer who approaches a brand on social networks will receive in response a “send us a DM to follow up on your case” , with variations, but in the same sense.

This is at first a quick response , something that the consumer values, until he realizes that he is not really receiving fast attention, but automatic .