Vanity Metrics Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Cling to

Vanity metrics are those that only serve an ego need. Not implying results in sales or business opportunities . Although they are somehow important. They are often overvalued by professionals and entrepreneurs who prefer to flaunt their achievements. However. Such achievements are useless for a company’s business and therefore should not be valued as much. The allure of vanity metrics lies in the fact that they usually express large numbers. However. Most of the time these numbers refer to superficial events. Which do not reflect the effectiveness of a strategy. Just to exemplify. A page can have thousands of pageviews in a month. Even if the posts don’t have any kind of engagement.

What are vanity metrics

Or we can have the same amount of pageviews. But not know the number of converted leads. In this way. The real impact of this data on the business is null. So we have a vanity metric. In other words. These metrics mean that there is no return on investment in digital marketing campaigns. Therefore. Paying for campaigns that only present results based on this data can be conceived Australia Phone Number List as a loss. Since there is no exact measurement whether this data provided new sales or the results desired by the business. What are vanity metrics? Among the vanity metrics . We can first mention the number of followers of a profile. This is because this audience does not necessarily form an audience.

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Vanity metrics relevant to

In fact a profile can have thousands of followers and your posts can have irrelevant engagement. Which contributes little to business results. Another vanity metric that is often given great importance is the number of clicks . In fact. This metric is even very useful. But without an efficient strategy that takes the user to the sales funnel. Its analysis becomes unnecessary. We should also mention the number of likes on posts as another Aleart News vanity metric . Likewise. As in the case of the number of clicks. This metric is irrelevant if there is no strategy that drives users to action. Certainly. There can be many reasons why a follower will like a post. Thus. We can say that the irrelevance of these metrics to the results of marketing campaigns lies in the fact that they are unusable.

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